Avebe in society

Avebe is visible! Avebe is increasingly asked for sponsorship. With our strategy 'Binding & Building 2.0 - the next step towards more value' and our 100-year anniversary in 2019, we are taking the next step towards more value: for our members, employees and community. Together we work on having a positive impact on the community we form part of. Our sponsorship policy 'Avebe in society' fits in perfectly with this ambition.

Sponsorship rules

To be eligible for sponsorship, a project must meet a number of criteria. Our Sponsorship Committee examines the sponsorship requests twice a year (June and December) and decides what to sponsor.

We operate the following rules:

  • Only requests received via the website are considered.
  • We prefer to support projects, activities or events in direct relation to Avebe and our working area (the provinces of Groningen and Drenthe).
  • The sponsorship request is in line with our themes:
    • Vitality – health, sport and well-being,
    • Sustainability – in the field, in terms of food ingredients or regional development (social initiatives, employment, quality of life and vitality).
  • Members, employees and/or local residents around our locations will be addressed in the sponsorship request.
  • We expect something in return: opportunities to promote Avebe.
  • Social organisations are recognised foundations or associations (in possession of articles of association or regulations).

What do we not sponsor:

  • We do not sponsor individuals, religious or political initiatives, events with harmful effects on the community or the environment.
  • We do not sponsor individual students or student parties.
  • The initiative must be non-profit.
  • Once sponsorship has been granted, the initiative or organisation cannot claim the sponsor budget for the first 2 years.
  • We do not contribute to operating budgets.

Sponsor form

If you would like to be considered for sponsorship, please fill in the form. We do not store your personal data. The information below will only be used to process your sponsorship request as effectively as possible and to contact you about your request.

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Event or initiative

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