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An 800-kilometre bike ride for charity! A team of 13 Avebe employees and members is to cycle more than 800 kilometres to collect funds for the Make-A-Wish charity, from 26 to 30 August. Over a five-day period, they will visit all Avebe's Dutch, German and Swedish production locations.

This 'Course for a Cause' bike ride will not only tick all the boxes for this team, but is also intended to make children's dreams come true. Would you like to help? #avebemakesawish

Make a donation to the Avebe 'Course for a Cause' bike ride and help dreams come true!


Sponsors wanted!

Avebe has compiled a number of packages for companies that want to link their name to this event. So if you want to do something more as a company, help us make dreams come true by using a sponsor package. There are three different packages, depending on the amount with which you want to participate, Avebe has a consideration for this.

Basic business package

The basic business package is for participation from 2500 euros. In return, your logo is mentioned on the following car that follows the cyclists throughout the route. Avebe also makes a Avebe bicycle kit available for fans and two people can be present during the official launch of this event.

Business package plus

The company package plus is for participation from 5000 euros. Of these, a maximum of five packages are available. In exchange, you get a large logo on the following car and the company name is mentioned in the media campaign. Three Avebe cycling kits are available and two people are invited to be present at the official launch of this event.

Luxury package

If you really want a unique position, choose the luxury package. This applies to participation above 10,000 euros. This package is available for a maximum of two companies. Of course there will be a large logo on the following car and the company name will be mentioned in the media campaign. We do further promotion in consultation and tailor-made. Maybe cyclists can visit the company location for example? In addition, Avebe cyclists provide a professional clinic and bicycle kits are available. Of course you are present at the starting signal.
If you want to know more about the sponsorship, please contact eric.raad@avebe.com

About the Make-A-Wish Foundation

The Make-A-Wish Foundation is the largest organisation of its kind in the world, and makes 15,000 dreams come true for seriously ill children and young people aged 3 to 18 years, each year. The organisation is active in 50 countries and on five continents. Make-A-Wish is also active in the regions where Avebe locations can be found. Using the money we collect, we can make dreams come true for children in regions close to our heart.

About the ‘Course for a Cause’ bike trip

The reason behind the ‘Course for a Cause’ is the Centenary jubilee of Avebe. A very special jubilee indeed, which will be celebrated by the company in various ways. A number of activities are aimed at contributing to improving the vitality of employees and members of Avebe. But Avebe has more wishes on its list. The cooperation wants to make a significant contribution to a broad target group, and is therefore organising this international sponsored bike ride. And so Avebe channels the power of the collective to make dreams come true.

The bike trip route

Meet the Avebe heroes

Johan Bartelds
"Since 2013 I’m in a partnership with my dad. As a member of Avebe, I believe it is enormously important that a company like Avebe champions sustainable objectives as well as social interests. When I heard that Avebe was going to cycle to Sweden with a team for the good cause “Make a Wish”, I really wanted to be a part of that. My wife Geeta and I have two beautiful daughters of 4 and 2 who are the apple of my eye. Those bright, cheeky eyes when they're naughty, fantastic! Every child should be the undivided centre of attention, that's why I’m really keen to do something for this fabulous cause. Every child should be the undivided centre of attention, that's why I’m really keen to do something for this fabulous cause."
Cees de Boer, operator Ter Apelkanaal
"Vitality and being busy at work and at home is important to me. It means I can enjoy my work and perform well with Avebe to my retirement. So to me cycling is a great activity and relaxation that helps me to stay vital. I love a challenge, so I rode Liege-Bastenaken-Liege, the Amstel Gold race, but also the Mont Ventoux and l’Alpe d’Huez. Participating in this Avebe tour with colleague cyclists seems a fantastic challenge and for such a great cause too. Use my hobby to make lots of children happy through Make-A-Wish!"
Eric Raad, Team leader logistics at Foxhol
"For me, keeping fit is about having energy, now and in the future. By making dreams come true for chronically ill children, Make-A-Wish gives a little positive energy to those children who need and deserve it so much. I want to support this together with colleagues by undertaking this bike ride and by linking my own challenge (visiting all locations by bike) with the challenge faced by the Make-A-Wish foundation."
Henry Huttinga, process technologist at Gasselternijveen
"As the father of two children, my greatest nightmare is that anything might happen to them. Their happy faces that greet me so often, is my motivation to do anything I can to give them a carefree youth. Thanks to "Make-A Wish", we can give chronically ill children a carefree day. One day to conjure up that happy face. By combining my own sporty challenge with this fantastic good cause, I could not be more motivated to undertake this bike ride together with my colleagues."
Gerda Bos-Hulshof, Group Leader Restaurant
"I've become totally addicted to cycling and my racing bike in recent years, and I grab every possible chance. I heard about the challenge from my husband, who is also taking part, who informed me that nobody had volunteered for the support team. The thought of this adventure not being possible because of a lack of enthusiasm, resulted in me putting my name down for this trip. Not as a cyclist, but to take care of the essentials in terms of catering. The ideal combination of my love of cycling and my work. And I'm pretty good at changing tyres too, which is no doubt an important part of the job. I hope people will be very forthcoming with donations to "Make-A-Wish", a fantastic good cause."
Peter Erik Ywema, Director Sustainability
"Last year, I cycled 3000 km from my house to Seville in Spain. Along the way, I stayed with 35 farming families and interviewed them about farming life in the 21st century. This united my 3 passions: cycling, farming and of course sustainability. During our introductory meeting, Ronald asked me whether I would be joining the bike ride, and I immediately answered 'yes'. What a fantastic opportunity to get to know some more colleagues, and fantastic that we can cycle for such a good cause and collect as much money as possible."
Henk Waebers, Project Manager Improve
"After 15 years of running, I recently switched to cycling as my hobby. I cycle a lot, with great pleasure. It takes you to the most beautiful locations you wouldn't otherwise visit. I'm proud to be part of the bike ride for the "Make-A-Wish" cause. This foundation makes dreams come true for chronically ill children. I'm also very much looking forward to visiting all the sites by bike together with my colleagues, ending up in Malmö. I can't wait to get started, and love the challenge. And the fact that we're doing it for such a good cause, makes it even more challenging. I hope we can collect a great deal of money."
Dennis Atema, Project Leader Engineering Avebe at Foxhol
"For me, vitality is the opportunity to develop yourself optimally, both physically and mentally, by doing things that make you happy and energise you. Cycling this "connecting" Avebe route together with colleagues while supporting Make-A-Wish gives me enormous satisfaction."
Martin Mulder, Senior Project staff member at IDP
"I'm 62 years old, married, we have two children and three grandchildren. All nice and healthy. I've been employed by Avebe since 1980, in various positions and various locations. My leisure time is spent in recreational cycling and volleyball. The idea of the bike ride is of course the performance in itself and enjoying the company of my colleagues, though it's fantastic to be making an effort for such a good cause as Make-A-Wish."
Yfke de Vries, Taste & Nutrition Specialist
"I like to cycle to stay fit, to relax and particularly just for enjoyment. What a wonderful idea to cycle the connecting route between the Avebe locations and colleagues, and at the same time contribute to the Make-A-Wish foundation. Being ill is always a source of great worry. I'm therefore delighted to be able to help create unforgettable experiences for children who deserve the opportunity to put their worries aside momentarily."
Bernard Bos, Water treatment / Utilities operator
"I've been with Avebe since 1997. Initially as a pilot factory operator, then as a utilities operator C and now I have a combined responsibility as a water treatment/utilities operator at the Foxhol location. Due to health problems, I stopped smoking and subsequently began cycling to cope with my explosive weight problems in 2013. Nowadays, I cycle around 10,000 km per year. Luckily, my wife has also caught the virus, so that we can grow old together, fit and healthy. I see the 'Course for a Cause' trip as a perfect combination of a sporting challenge and the reward of enabling sponsoring of Make-A-Wish. So I'd like to encourage everyone to donate money to the cause."
Marc Vorage, Process Development Engineer
"I often cycle to work together with my colleague Henry Huttinga (on the left in the photo) from Assen to Avebe in Gasselternijveen. That can sometimes result in brilliant pictures. I'm looking forward to the trip via all the locations to Stadex, as this is a unique opportunity to enjoy such a bike ride with so many Avebe colleagues. And how great to be able to meet all the colleagues at the various locations."
Monique Koopman, Agricultural Employee
"My name is Monique Koopman, a farming daughter and partner of an agriculturist, employed at the sampling weigh house in Ter Apelkanaal and in the intermediate season activities at Averis Seeds. It's important for me to stay fit, in order to be able to function properly in my work. I'm a member of the Runners in Stadskanaal, where I'm also a trainer and sports masseuse. I combine that with cycling to work. Last year, I came second in the National winter triathlon in Enschede. How fantastic is the challenge of cycling via a number of Avebe locations to end up in Sweden, together with a number of colleagues, and all for the Make-A-Wish foundation? To put a smile back on the faces of sick children, giving them renewed energy and vitality that will hopefully aid their recovery. That's why I need your support, via donations. Will you help us? Thanks very much!"
Johnny Dol, main operator Foxhol
"For me, vitality is about having energy, now and in the future. I do so through cycling, It energises me. This route was mentioned last year, while we were cycling the silo trip. I immediately said 'Count me in'. Of course we all want to grow old healthily, but unfortunately not everyone will escape illness. So now our trip is also linked to a very good cause. I really don't mind a little bit of personal hardship if I can make someone else feel better. I hope we all reach the finish, fit and healthy."
Marten Bullema, Process technologist VMF
"My day generally begins with cycling to work, which for me is the best start to the day. It gives a sense of satisfaction and freedom which is a matter of course for me, but unfortunately not for everyone. The ‘Course for a Cause’ bike trip is a sporting and social challenge that allows Avebe to prove what is truly important."
Joost Horstink, Occupational health specialist and Vitality consultant
"In my work as an occupational health specialist and vitality consultant, my aim is to maintain and improve the vitality of employees. This project is an excellent way of not only reaching employees but also the people around our factories."
Wilfred Naaijer, Logistics Operator at Foxhol
"As a BNO leader, I know from experience how important it is to stay fit. Not that I'm fanatic at sports, but I walk many kilometres together with my dogs, I try not to sit for too long and I'm always busy and on the go. I myself suffered a serious illness last year, so I can well imagine what that must do to children. I can only heartily support the Make-A-Wish foundation target of making dreams come true for chronically ill children. And how wonderful it is to do so together with my colleagues by helping make this Make-A-Wish bike trip a success."
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