As a beverage manufacturer you may encounter various challenges during the development of your products, whether these are powdered or ready-to-drink beverages. They all have their own peculiarities you want to overcome. We offer different solutions depending on the application.

Protein shake stability improvement

Plant protein shakes often tend to precipitate quickly after shaking. Solanic®300 can prevent this by keeping other plant proteins stay in suspension longer. In addition, being a >90% pure protein and the No.1 Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) protein, Solanic®300 increases the overall protein quantity and quality of the shake, respectively.

Clear protein beverages

Thanks to the great solubility of Solanic®300 it is possible to create clear protein drinks. Where other native proteins tend to precipitate and form haziness or turbidity at low pH levels, Solanic®300 brings superior clarity in acidic Ready To Drink (RTD) beverages, even after pasteurization.

Texturizing gels

By using the potato protein as both the protein source and texturant, gels can be created without additional thickeners or extremely high sugar levels. Solanic®300 can deliver a variety of gel textures depending on the protein concentration, pH and salt level.

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