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The main functionalities of your plasters and tile adhesives are consistency and open time. With Avebe’s dry mortar additives you can increase the consistency, reduce the stickiness and extend the open time of plasters and tile adhesives.

Starch ether

Avebe is the manufacturer of potato starch ethers for gypsum plasters, cement tile adhesives, masonry mortars, joint compounds and many other dry mortar products. We specialise in the development and production of high performance additives. The main functionalities of our products are rheology modification and thickening. This ensures improved performance and optimum workability for your building industry products.

Starch ethers are normally used in combination with cellulose ethers and redispersible polymer powders.

Our starch additives for cement and gypsum based mortar

Casucol™, Opagel™ and Solvitose™ brands are Avebe’s rheology modifiers and thickeners that extend the open time, prevent sagging and reduce tile slip. Special grades are available for each specific application.

Some of our most famous products are:

  • Casucol™ 301
  • Opagel™ CMT
  • Opagel™ FP 6
  • Casucol™ FIX 1
  • Solvitose™ H 2060
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