The confectionery industry for starch products can in general be divided in gums & jellies, fruit chews, extruded products and tablets / pastilles and compressed tablets.

Avebe’s Confectionery

A broad range of specialty potato starches have been developed by Avebe to fulfill the different needs in these segments, such as; clarity, elasticity, shine, shelf life improvements, and process ability.

Besides these end product requirements Avebe developed special starches for different gelling properties, gelatin and other hydrocolloids replacers. Below are the main brand names for each sub segment mentioned;

Gums and jellies

Gums and jellies belong to the group of soft boiling products, which are produced by cooking and moulding. With Perfectagel™, Perfectamyl™, Perfectasol™ and Etenia™,  Avebe has developed a range of gelling agent for this application focusing on clean label, gelatin replacement and value improvement.

Fruit chews

Chewable confectionery is produced by cooking and pulling. With Amylogum™, Eliane™ and Avebe dextrin’s, Avebe supplies a full range of texture ingredients that can create tailor made textures in fruit chews that consumers prefer.

Extruded products

Extruded products only need a short drying period resulting in saving energy costs.  By cooking in the extruder the gelatinization of the starch takes place by injecting moisture during the extrusion. Avebe advises Paselli Easy-gel as the preferred starch in this application. A starch with excellent behavior to produce strings with a superior shelf life performance and flexibility.

Tablets / compressed tablets

For tablets and compressed tablets Eliane or Amylogum ingredients can be used as an adhesive to compact the ingredients of the tablet and to replace more expensive hydrocolloids.

Foamed candy

Aerating soft boiled products results in new textures such as marshmallows and multi-layered products. With Perfectasol it is easy to create a stable foamed candy product.

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