Consumer preferred bakery cream

Instant bakery cream that is liked and preferred by consumers and easy to add to the food manufacturing process, that is the solution Avebe offers food manufacturers.

Benefits of potato starch

Eliane™ is the first classically bread amylopectin potato starch. It takes instant bakery cream to the next level by offering new opportunities and additionally outperforming those already common in the market place. The benefits of the potato starch are versatile; whether it is freeze/thaw stability, bake stability, mouth feel or cost in use, Eliane™ BC 160 is the ingredient of choice in instant bakery cream.

Main Benefits:

  • Significantly consumer preferred
  • Indulging
  • Superior bake stability
  • Excellent freeze/thaw stability
  • Alginate reduction

Preferred by consumers

Eliane™ BC 160 is significantly preferred over market reference by consumers because of its unique properties like a shiny appearance, clean flavour, smooth, creamy mouth feel and pleasant melt in the mouth. The model on the right shows the significant preference for Eliane™ BC 160 over the market standard.

Superior bake stability

In tests is proven that Eliane™BC 160 has superior bake stability. The cream containing the product retains its shape and texture significantly better than the market reference. Even when the alginate level is reduced with 25%, the flow with Eliane™ BC 160 is less.

Excellent freeze thaw stability

With Eliane™ BC 160 high sensorial appeal, no syneresis and sandyness and high quality impuls can be given. Even after several freeze/thaw cycles the product retains its sensorial properties.

Superior quality bakery creams

Due to high viscosity and texture stability of Eliane™ BC 160, a substantial dosage reduction of gelling agents such as alginate can be realised. You can create a whole range of superior quality bakery creams by choosing this product. It provides excellent baking stability and superior viscosity in instant bakery cream applications, as presented below.

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