Dairy-free foods

Another rapidly growing ‘free from’ market is the non-dairy segment. This market has existed for consumers intolerant to lactose or allergic to milk proteins, but is increasingly driven by the desire for more sustainable alternatives to dairy-based products. With Solanic potato proteins Avebe enables a combination of excellent taste, texture and nutritional value in dairy-free foods. On this page you will find several applications of Solanic to accomplish dairy-free foods.

Non-dairy ice cream and sorbet

Developing an all-vegetal ice cream dessert is now easy thanks to the powerful emulsification of Solanic®. Less than 1% Solanic® 300 is sufficient, a significantly lower level than dairy proteins, to obtain a smooth and stable full- or low-fat ice cream, lactose- and dairy-free. The low use level ensures a bland taste, better than with soy- or pea-based plant proteins.

By using Solanic® 300 in fruit sorbets as foaming agent, a ‘clean label’ formulation without artificial emulsifiers and allergenic (dairy, soy) proteins can be made, with good overrun and preserving the full fruit flavor.

Proven ice cream and sorbet recipes are available on request.

Dairy-free toppings and creams

Dairy-free whipping creams and toppings require a stable emulsion and a high and stable overrun. For stable aerated emulsions Solanic®’s unique combination of emulsifying and aerating functionality make low-fat non-dairy whipping creams entirely possible. Solanic™ potato proteins are versatile in application, as both liquid UHT-treated creams as well as aerosol spraycan products have proven to work. Solanic® also achieves stable, all-vegetal non-dairy pourable cooking creams, for use in soups and sauces.

Vegan cheese analogues

Solanic® potato protein’s powerful emulsion capacity is also ideal for vegan cheese analogues. By combining Solanic® protein with the right gelling starch system a wide range of cheese textures is available: where a pizza cheese needs good shreddability and good melt, a cream cheese must be smooth and spreadable. From now on all these textures are possible, ‘free from’ allergen labeling, vegan and animal-friendly, kosher- and halal certified, and with a very neutral taste.

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