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Discover our plant-based potato protein during the B2F Course in Minneapolis. Create exciting dishes that help reach the growing consumer demand for plant-based, responsibly sourced food based on our ingredients. Whether you are developing (plant-based) dairy, cheese and meat products or removing artificial ingredients from your formulations, we have everything you need.

During the event, we’ll highlight several new products. Try our samples to taste the goodness of plant-based products based on our potato ingredients.

Jaap Harkema, Segment Manager Avebe, will give a presentation during the first day 18 October | 1 PM about
Bridging the texture gap in plant-based food with potato ingredient solutions.

Taste and texture are among the key criteria for consumers, when choosing to buy a plant-based food product. Hence, it is of utmost importance for manufacturers to deliver the best plant-based foods, without compromising on taste and texture, no matter if it is plant-based meat, cheese, dairy, or confectionery. Avebe will show during this presentation and the workshop that ingredients from potato, such as proteins, starches and fibers, are able to offer the right combination of functionalities (gelation, thickening, foaming, & emulsification) for any texture required: from smooth and creamy to cuttable and shreddable, from firm and cohesive to light and aerated.