Meet us at Food Ingredients Europe 2022

From functional starch to plant-based protein, we've got you covered. Create exciting dishes that help reach the growing consumer demand for clean label, responsibly sourced food based on our ingredients. Whether you are developing (plant-based) dairy, cheese and meat products or removing artificial ingredients from your formulations, we have everything you need. During the event, we’ll highlight several new products. Try our samples to taste the goodness of plant-based products based on our potato ingredients. But now we would like to already highlight two of them. Are you as enthusiastic as we are, please visit us at our stand in Hall 4, booth 4.B.51 at FiE!  

2022-12-06 till 2022-12-08
10:00 am - 6:00 pm

🍗 Plant-based whole-muscle meat

Making plant-based burgers can be a real challenge. But making whole-muscle meat out of plant-based ingredients is a whole other league. We’ve managed to create one that looks, feels, cooks, and tastes like actual whole-muscle meat, without any of the negative health or environmental effects associated with raising animals for consumption.

🧀 Plant-based alternative to Parmesan cheese

Discover our unique clean label plant-based texturizer for a plant-based alternative to Parmesan type hard cheese, grilled, grated or block. Enjoy your Italian dish with plant-based parmesan cheese on it. Without the dairy and still tasting like the real thing!

Meet us

Don’t miss our stand if you want to know how we help food manufacturers worldwide to improve their recipes and products.

Talking with our experts can answer all your questions about our sustainable potato ingredients. And how we can serve and collaborate with you. We'll be there waiting for you!

Visit us at Hall 4, Stand 4.B.51, Paris

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Meet us at Food Ingredients Europe 2022

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