‘Free from’ allergens

Today’s consumers naturally expect good taste and consistently high quality. But they demand more: natural, safe and healthy food products that are ‘clean label’ and non allergenic, made from sustainable, preferably vegetable raw materials. To meet this challenge food manufacturers require new ingredients, enabling innovation at good value-for-money.

Potato protein

Solanic® is a range of native, high performance protein ingredients derived from a vegetable source: the potato. It combines superior texturizing capacity with an excellent amino-acid profile.

Moreover, Solanic® potato protein is free from allergen labeling, unlike many other animal and vegetable proteins from soy, milk, egg, wheat and lupin. Other ‘free from’ proteins such as pea, rice and maize, are much less functional. This makes Solanic®200/300 the No. 1 ‘Free From’ texturising protein.



The benefits of Solanic® potato protein in a nutshell:

  • Native protein isolates with high purity
  • No allergen labeling required
  • Suitable for vegan and animal-friendly claims
  • Kosher- and halal certified
  • Fits with more sustainable lifestyle
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