Gelatin free confectionary

Consumers increasing desire for, and awareness of better health & wellness, environment, and animal welfare drives the need for alternatives to animal derived ingredients such as gelatin, egg albumen and whey proteins.

Gelatin replacement, clean label and value improvements for gums, jellies and compressed tablets.

Consumers’ choice and preferences continue to guide the gums and jellies market segment where the demands for cost reduction, low sugar formulations and vegetarian are the key drivers. Gums and jellies belong to the group of soft boiled products, which are produced by cooking and then moulding.

In compressed tablets starch is mainly used as a binder and sometimes as disintegrating ingredient.

Avebe developed a range of special starches and potato proteins for these applications. Our main products for these applications are Perfectamyl™, Perfectagel™, Amylogum™, Perfectasol™ and Etenia™.

Tailor made textures in fruit chews

Chewable and non sticky confectionery that allows consumers to get the best desired texture and flavor release in fruity chews is found by the right balance of texturizing ingredients. Chewable confectionery is made via cooking and pulling. Avebe produces and supply a full range of texture ingredients that can create tailor made textures in chews accommodating consumers’ preferences. Our main products for this are Amylogum, Eliane™ and dextrins.

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