Gluten-free Foods

Many people suffer from celiac disease which is a lifelong intolerance to the gliadin fraction of wheat and the prolamins of rye, barley and possibly oat. The only effective treatment for celiac disease is a strict gluten-free diet (Gallagher, 2009). Within the whole ‘free from’ segment, gluten-free is one of the fastest growing markets.

Gluten-free challenges

Replacement of gluten in fresh bread is one of the biggest challenges, when developing gluten-free cereal products. Major quality issues faced are poor crumb volume and elasticity, resulting in a brittle and crumbly texture that stales quickly.

Potato proteins that significantly improve volume and crumb texture

Solanic® offers significant benefits in various gluten-free bakery applications. As no standard ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution exists, tailored recipe development in combination with other ingredients is required. The potato protein has various gluten-free food applications:

  • Bread: Potato protein is used in gluten-free bread for improved loaf volume, color and crumb structure. This applies to bread mixes for home-baking, long shelf-life and frozen breads, and even fresh breads.
  • Dough: In pizza dough and tortillas Solanic® supports dough handling through improved cohesiveness and enhances volume and texture.

  • Cakes and Muffins: In cakes and muffins improved crumb softness is achieved.
  • Pasta: In gluten-free pasta the right binding and bite are obtained.

Benefits of Solanic® potato protein

Solanic® improves the nutritional balance of gluten-free products, which are often poor in protein compared to wheat-based products. Other benefits of Solanic® potato proteins in gluten-free foods:

  • Foaming plus setting upon baking
  • Giving even crumb structure with softness
  • Controlled oven spring
  • Better volume, shape and colour
  • No allergen labeling
  • Enhanced nutritional quality
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