Perfectasol™ D501 a complete texturizing Plant-based dairy solution

Perfectasol™ D501 is a complete texturizing Plant-based dairy solution that consists out of specialty potato starches and pototo protein.  Perfectasol™ D501 replaces modified starches and label unfriendly hydrocolloids.

Key advantages Perfectasol D501™

Unique product characteristics

  • Rich, creamy,  dairy like texture
  • White appearance – base for any desired color
  • Excellent mouthfeel
  • Texture differentiation | pourable to spreadable or firm
  • Clean Label
  • Sustainable
  • Allergen free

Process Flexibility

  • Drop-in solution, fits in all processes and is shelf-life stability
  • Easy to formulate & easy to process
  • Ease of preparation – shear and temperature stability

Unique texture differentiation

Pourable to spreadable or firm. With Perfectasol™ D501 you can create textures and mouthfeel close to the original dairy

Michael Finfrock, Business Developer North America

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