Natural and innovative paper based packaging

Today’s consumer demands: natural, safe and sustainable packaging material. Respecting the nature starts with innovation towards sustainable solutions involving renewable source of raw material and high performance. While not compromising on reliability and safety of the goods, the target is to reduce waste and improve recyclability of packaging.

Potato starch enhances paper strength

Avebe’s Total Starch Concept supports this initiative of reducing waste and improving recyclability of packaging. Using more filler, pigment and recycled raw material causes a loss of paper strength that can be compensated with high binding power potato starch products. Amylofax™ is a pure potato starch derivative. It is the natural choice for wet-end applications to allow reduction of cellulose consumption and to maximize recyclability. No product available is cleaner than Amylofax™.

Achieve packaging requirements the natural way

Depending on functionality of the packaging, improvement of surface properties such as reduced porosity, reduced dusting, improved printability, higher surface strength or improved functional barriers are required. Bio-polymers such as Perfectafilm™ and Perfectacote™ are natural solutions to achieve these performances.

You can achieve exceptional runability and constant surface properties at lower grammages by using these high quality starch derivatives.


The main benefits of such a concept are:

  • Reduced usage of oil-based binders toward renewable source of material
  • Optimization of functional properties of the packaging
  • Reduced packaging waste
  • Goods protection and safety
  • Natural look of the final product
Innovation by nature
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