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12 Jun 2016
Consumers increasing desire for, and awareness of better health & wellness, the environment, and animal welfare is driving the need for alternatives to animal derived ingredients such as gelatin, egg albumen and whey proteins. Gelatin replacement and value improvements for gums, jellies and compressed tablets are also market drivers in the confectionary segment. Avebe has developed a range of special potato starches and potato proteins such as Amylogum™ which meet these demands!

Game changer for chewables with different textures032 GUMS

Avebe offers solutions which meet current trends such as free-from, high-protein, vegan, GMO-free and clean and clear label, suited to match the lifestyle of the needs of the region’s customers. One of our innovative concepts is Amylogum™, a potato based specialty starch which provides excellent texturizing properties for chewables. By using the Amylogum™ range of products in confectionery, recipes can be simplified and therefore the use of both gelatin and hydrocolloids e.g. gumarabic is completely avoided.

Tailor made textures in fruit chews

Chewable and non-sticky confectionery that allows consumers to get the best desired texture and flavor release in fruity chews is found by the right balance of texturizing ingredients. Chewable confectionery is made via cooking and pulling. Avebe produces and supplies a full range of texture ingredients that can create tailor made textures in chews accommodating consumers’ preferences. Our main products for this is Amylogum™ which outperforms other ingredients currently on the market and is cost-effective. The Amylogum™ products have excellent properties, the ingredients are very easy to handle and are designed to fit in with existing processes. The range allows the production of chews with textures from soft to hard and chewy.

Discover our solutions at IFT Chicago

Avebe USA Inc. – the largest innovative company producing solutions based on potato starch and protein – is showcasing its world-class expertise and products at IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo Chicago, USA | July 16-19, 2016.

Visit us at booth 3379 and get inspired by our solutions for Confectionary, Dairy, Meat and Vegan. During the exhibition you will see how our brands can solve your problems!

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