An eye on ready meals: the buzz words are ‘exotic’ and ‘new experience’

25 May 2016
Christer Andersson, Market Manager Food, shares his thoughts on ready meal trends in World of Food Ingredients. How far can we go in terms of convenience without sacrificing taste, quality and naturalness and what's the role of technology?

Christer Andersson: “Various ethnic flavor and cuisines are driving the ready meal industry. The buzzwords are ‘exotic’ and ‘new experience.’ For us as a texture supplier, the objective is to ensure that natural and authentic flavors become true and optimal and don’t get masked or hidden. Our potato-based ingredients with their blend and pure origin makes any flavor shine through. The challenge for us is to build authentic textures, which lift the flavors.

Clean label and cleaner label is becoming much broader than only E-number free nowadays – it’s about authenticity, tractability and recognizability.”

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Source: World of Food Ingredients, Opinion Edge May 2016




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