Avebe and Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen sign cooperation agreement

15 Oct 2018
On 10 October, Hanze University of Applied Sciences and Avebe signed a cooperation agreement for a sustainable and fruitful cooperation.

Henk Pijlman, chairman of the Executive Board of Hanze University and Gerard ten Bolscher, Managing Director Innovations of Avebe, signed the agreement during the Sustainability Day at the Zernike Campus in Groningen.

Avebe and Hanze University have been working together successfully for a number of years and this has now been formalised in an agreement. Based on this agreement, both parties want to expand the partnership and connect more smartly. The joint aim of the partnership is to increase social prosperity in the northern region. The initiative also promotes regional cooperation.

Innovate faster and more efficiently

“The partnership enables us to work together on projects and make use of each other’s strengths and capacities. This allows us to innovate faster and more efficiently”, said Gerard ten Bolscher of Avebe. Cooperation is currently underway in the field of biorefinery and health. These are topics that fit in well with Avebe’s strategy.

Henk Pijlman of Hanze University is also pleased with the partnership: “Cooperating with companies such as Avebe yields a great deal for our students, the companies and our region. Our students learn the latest developments in the workplace and are therefore better prepared for the labour market. Companies come into contact with young talent, which makes it possible for them to innovate and grow. The region will become healthier and new jobs will be created.

Innovation hotspot Zernike Campus

Now that Avebe has recently opened its own Innovation Centre on the Zernike Campus, there is plenty of room for new collaborative projects. Avebe employees have now started working at the centre on innovations in the field of potato starch and potato protein. The first startup has also entered the building and the centre promises to become the innovation hotspot in the field of Agrifood. Hanze University of Applied Sciences forms a strong link when it comes to cooperation in education and research.

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