Avebe celebrates 100-year anniversary with connecting jubilee festival

18 Sep 2019
The Beleef Avebe (Experience Avebe) Jubilee Festival was held on 13, 14 and 15 September. A connecting festivity for members and employees of Avebe, on the occasion of the 100-year anniversary.

The production location in Ter Apelkanaal and the farm of an Avebe member in Eerste Exloërmond welcomed around three thousand visitors. Together with their family and friends, members and employees had the opportunity to explore the past, present and future. At the Ter Apelkanaal location, there was attention for all global production locations, for sustainability and for the end products in which the Avebe ingredients are used.

Buses and event trains trundled back and forth for tours around the location and to the Beuling family farm, to give visitors an impression of cultivation and production at Avebe. Children were entertained with potato crafts, and there were snacks, drinks and music to be enjoyed on the festival site. At the Beuling family farm, there was attention for every possible aspect of the cultivation of potatoes. From historic farming equipment to the latest machines, and from the cultivation work by Avebe subsidiary Averis to the delivery of potatoes to the factory, it was all presented as festively as possible.

This naturally resulted in a sense of pride during these three wonderfully sunny days where employees and members all met up. Here’s to the next 100 years!

Click here for a compilation clip of the weekend.

Avebe 100 years

Avebe will have been around for 100 years, on 11 November 2019. All year round there are all kinds of jubilee activities. Last month, for example, a group of members and employees cycled 800 kilometres to visit all the production locations in Europe on behalf of the Make-A-Wish foundation(https://www.avebe.nl/nieuws/avebe-fietst-ruim-55-000-euro-bij-elkaar/). In November, a symposium will take place for external relations, while Avebe sponsors sustainable and vital initiatives in the region, via Avebe in the Community (www.avebe.nl/sponsoring). There is also the Avebe Student Challenge in which we challenge students to design the factory of the future (www.avebe.nl/student-challenge).

Innovation by nature
Avebe is developing

And has been for almost 100 years.
Not always to become more or bigger,
but always to be better.

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