Avebe launches new plant-based solutions at Food ingredients Europe

23 Nov 2017
Avebe promotes new texture & nutrition solutions for plant-based & healthy foods at Food ingredients Europe in Frankfurt, Germany (28 – 30 Nov, 2017).

Some see potato, we see potential. What do you see? With this motto, Avebe takes an active role in the development of appealing, nutritional and healthy food products with potato-based solutions. Because we culture our own potato breeds, we are in control of all characteristics of our products: pure potato starch and potato protein. Without compromising on texture and taste, Avebe’s new concepts are suitable to meet various consumer needs, such as ‘healthy aging’ and different ethical beliefs (vegan/vegetarian, free from allergens, kosher & halal). At Food ingredients Europe, Avebe is proud to show some of its innovative plant-based concepts, such as gelatin-free foamed confections, dairy-free fruit desserts, sandwich slices and pizza toppings.

The first microwaveable risotto with Eliane™

During the Food ingredients Europe we will launch the first microwaveable risotto based on our product Eliane™! This is our “waxy potato” starch containing more than 95% amylopectin. Eliane™ allows development of applications where potato starch is not generally used. Think about dairy products, bakery applications and ready meals. Eliane™ gives a unique twist to the superior functionality that potato starch is renowned for: a high viscosity and a short, shiny texture.

Solanic®100: No.1 plant protein for nutrition

With its potato protein Solanic®100, Avebe combines excellent nutritional quality with better sustainability and a “free from” label. The carrier with which proteins are delivered should allow getting the right nutrition. Excellent taste and texture remain the most important qualifiers for choosing healthy products. Solanic®100 is bringing this all together. Come and try out our latest protein-enriched snacks, granola, crisps and bars!

Perfectasol™: Potato-based texturing systems, no compromise on taste and texture!

Formulating plant-based foods, such as meat and dairy alternatives, brings up many challenges, in order to deliver a texture and taste which appeals to the consumer. These can be solved by using the Avebe Perfectasol™ range.
This texturing system provides the food market with “free from” plant-based solutions without giving in on taste or texture. Perfect for flexitarians or vegans, who decide to reduce or stop consumption of animal-derived products in their diet.

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