Avebe scores well on the Management Team 500 list

04 Jul 2019
Avebe achieved two number 1 spots on the Management Team 500 list in the category ‘Fast Moving Consumer Goods: suppliers’.

Each year, Erasmus University Rotterdam lists the 500 companies with the best reputation in the Netherlands. They are assessed on production leadership, client focus, performance excellence and good employment practice. Once a year, Erasmus University asks managers, decision makers and leaders to assess companies on those four characteristics for the purpose of compiling the Management Team 500 (MT500) list. The respondents only assess businesses that operate in their own sector. In the category ‘Fast Moving Consumer Goods: suppliers’ Avebe achieved top spot for Client focus and Performance excellence.

Avebe has been working on client-led solutions for the food, feed and industrial market for many years. To be announced as number 1 for client focus and performance excellence is a feather in the cap of the cooperative.

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