Avebe shares the light this Christmas

14 Dec 2017
Avebe has chosen the WakaWaka lamp as this year's year-end gift for all employees. WakaWaka is a social enterprise with the mission of giving more than a billion people safe, sustainable light.

The WakaWaka foundation makes a difference through various projects, including emergency assistance and education.

Janet Katerberg, Communication manager at Avebe: “WakaWaka stands for sustainability and innovation. These are the main themes of Avebe. Our aim is to get it right today for tomorrow. That’s why Avebe’s Executive Committee decided on a sustainable gift this year. Each WakaWaka lamp bears a unique code that employees can use to select which project they want to support. In this way, we not only put our employees in the spotlight, but we literally share WakaWaka’s light with someone else!”

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