Avebe shows innovative concepts at Food ingredients Europe

19 Nov 2019
Avebe presents its newest texture solutions for plant-based dairy, confectionery and meat at Food ingredients Europe (FiE), which takes place from 3 – 5 December 2019 in Paris, France. Furthermore, we will show our clean label solutions for a wide range of dairy applications.

Avebe is the world’s largest producer of functional ingredients based on potatoes for healthy, nutritious and eco-friendly foods. Without compromising on texture and taste, Avebe’s innovative plant-based concepts meet many consumer and manufacturer needs. In 2019, we proudly celebrate our 100th anniversary.

Plant-based alternatives to dairy with Perfectasol D

One of the strategic pillars of Avebe is the focus on Good Food ingredients. Within this category we develop solutions for plant-based alternatives to dairy using our potato starches and potato proteins. Their value is to deliver a texture and mouthfeel close to the original dairy product, combined with a clean label free from allergen and GMO issues. During Food ingredients Europe, we will show our excellent solutions for plant-based feta, cream cheese and chocolate dessert.

Plant-based meat alternatives with Solanic potato proteins

Sustainability, animal welfare and health are all important drivers behind consumers’ decisions to eat less meat. Our Solanic potato proteins help manufacturers to produce high-quality meat-free substitutes with a pleasant mouthfeel and good texture. At Avebe, we have developed plant-based burgers with the required firmness, bite and juiciness, using the excellent functionality (hot set gelling, emulsifying) of Solanic potato proteins. In addition, they provide a high nutritional value and labelling benefits.

Plant-based confectionery with Perfectasol C

Confectionery relies heavily on a good taste and texture, so how can manufacturers convert non-vegan into vegan confectionery without sacrificing these properties? Avebe’s Perfectasol C range is a 100% green and plant-based ingredient made from potato starch and potato protein that is a versatile solution for confectionery. This potato-based ingredient mimics the texturing functionality of gelatin, in terms of both foaming and gelling, and produces great tasting plant-based confectionery.

Valorizing Whey with Etenia

In times of increased awareness of sustainability and having affordable products, Avebe developed concepts to use acid whey which is normally waste in the production of yoghurt and fresh cheese. We will show that the acid whey can be used to develop indulgent products like an acid whey drink and an acid whey based cream cheese.

Live cooking sessions “Avebe throughout the day”

At the exhibition, visitors can discover the great possibilities and versatility of Avebe products during the live “Avebe throughout the day” cooking sessions. Three times a day our chef prepares and shows innovative concepts that you can taste on the spot. Join us for the ‘Breakfast Delight’ where we serve a delicious “Feels like Holiday”- Greek style yoghurt topped with homemade granola and a hint of honey or come to the ‘Century Lunch’ to taste our plant-based Jubilee Burger. In the afternoon we finish with a ‘Sweets for my sweet’ vegan Mascarpone with a syrup of lemon juice and lemon zests, served with Raspberry coulis and Pistachio seeds. So come by and experience our newest texture solutions for plant-based dairy, confectionery and meat yourself.

Visit us at booth 6C91 and learn more about our innovative solutions.

About Food ingredients Europe (FiE)

Fi Europe is the world’s leading food and beverage ingredients platform. On three exhibition days, food and beverage suppliers and specialists in research and development, production and marketing are able to showcase the most diverse range of new and innovative ingredients and services.

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