Avebe winner Protein Award!

30 Oct 2018
With the product Perfectasol D520 Avebe is the winner of the Most Novel Protein Ingredient Award!

The award was presented during the Bridge2Food Protein Summit 2018, world’s largest protein platform, on 25 October in Lille (France).

Perfectasol D520 is a unique combination of potato starch and potato protein and makes it possible to make a 100% plant-based pizza cheese. This ‘topping’ has the same properties as dairy-based cheese; well shreddable and sliceable with excellent melting properties and the ‘stretch’ of mozzarella. Perfectasol D520 has a neutral taste and colour and is ‘clean label’ (no e-numbers).

From left to right: Jaap Harkema (Avebe), Stacy Pyett (member of the jury) and Bart Pennings (Avebe)

Marketing Manager Avebe, Jaap Harkema: “Winning this award is very special for us. It is a clear recognition for our efforts to develop better plant-based foods. Healthy food with good texture and taste, created with our potato-based ingredients!”

About Bridge2Food

Bridge2Food is a knowledge and network agency based in the Netherlands. Its key strength is the development of specific platforms for the food industry: ‘Building bridges between food professionals’. Bridge2Food operates in the international food sector and organises a wide range of food industry conferences for managers of food manufacturing companies in Europe, the USA and Asia.

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