Avebe’s potato campaign starts on the 17th of August

13 Aug 2015
Potato Fibres
The cooperative Avebe starts its potato campaign on the 17th of August. This is around the same time as usual, but a week later than planned originally.

As of 17 August, Gasselternijveen will lead off the factories in the Netherlands, followed by Ter Apelkanaal. Next up the campaign starts at the German sites Lüchow and Dallmin. Initially, the start of the potato campaign had been planned one week earlier in connection with potato-protein production in Gasselternijveen. Over the past year, a new factory for producing potato protein has been built on this site and Avebe wished to commission this factory at the earliest opportunity.
However we decided to change the schedule because of crop developments. A relatively cool spring followed by a dry period ensured the potatoes on average lagged behind in their growth. The months of August and September are important to achieving an optimum harvest and Avebe wishes d to enable its members to make maximum use of that period.

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