Etenia™ wins Polish top award

27 Mar 2017
Avebe and distribution partner Hortimex won the Polish 2016 award for most promising ingredient for the dairy industry.

The nomination was based on feedback from almost 100 dairy producers on a questionnaire that was organized by the Polish Dairy Form (Forum Mleczarskie), the number 1 dairy publisher in Poland.

With this award it is again proved that Etenia™ is a truly unique product of Avebe that gains the most interest from dairy producers and blenders.

What is Etenia™?
Etenia™ is an E-number free enzymatically treated potato starch and can be declared starch in Europe and maltodextrin in the rest of the world. Etenia™ offers a new way of texturizing, gelling and thickening products. It creates delicious guilt-free indulgent products and enables major cost-savings in fresh cheese, cream cheese, quark and strained yoghurt.

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