“Gasselternijveen is the protein hub of the Netherlands”

30 Aug 2018
Members of the Drenthe Provincial Executive open the new protein production line.

On Monday the 27th of August, Cees Bijl and Henk Jumelet, members of the Drenthe Provincial Executive, opened the new production line for food protein in Gasselternijveen. The line was built with cooperation and input from the Drenthe Provincial Executive, Aa en Hunze Council and the Water board. Henk Jumelet referred to Drenthe, and Gasselternijveen more specifically, as “the protein hub of the Netherlands” where the use of potato protein for food is driving innovation.

Potato protein used to be a waste product and was discharged into the canals together with the juice. Later on, a process was developed to extract the protein for use in cattle feed. Since 2007, Avebe has been developing a potato protein for food known as Solanic. This vegetable protein is now a key part of our diet.

The new line will enable Avebe to expand protein production for human food. There is a significant market demand for vegetable protein that has the same functional properties as animal protein. Sustainability is another important factor alongside the fact that our proteins have a high nutritious value.

Read more product infomation about Solanic

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