Highest point of new Avebe Innovation Centre reached

14 Dec 2017
On 7 December Avebe's new Innovation Centre reached its highest point at the Zernike Campus Groningen. The new premises will be housing the Innovations and Marketing departments, comprising over 100 people.

Space will also be made for start-ups in the agrofood sector under the name: Innolab Biobased Economy. Building consortium BAM/Trebbe has indicated that the new building will be completed and transferred in the second quarter of 2018.

Partnership at Campus Groningen

Avebe’s choice for the Campus was based in part on the prospect of synergy with Groningen University, Hanze University of Applied Sciences and the entrepreneurs present at Campus Groningen. The know-how, the dynamism and the favourable climate for innovation at Campus Groningen provide Avebe with an ideal breeding ground to continue their own innovations in this northern region.

‘Avebe is driven by knowledge and innovation. We share that motto with Campus Groningen, and this is highlighted by our new establishment. This is a location bursting with dynamism, among young talent and leading companies, and Avebe feels perfectly at home there’, says Gerard ten Bolscher, Avebe’s Managing Director Innovations.

Ideal breeding ground

What innovations can we expect to emerge from the Innovation Centre? The activities that Avebe will be concentrating on at the new innovation centre range from practical to fundamental research. Avebe works on solutions for better starch or protein applications for specific recipes and clean label solutions, for example. This includes ingredients with unique properties and no e-numbers. The new innovation centre will also have a role in showcasing these innovations. The building will feature a ‘culinary kitchen’, for example, which will be used to receive customers and give demos.

Innolab Biobased Economy

The part of the Innolab Biobased Economy that has been set up specifically to encourage innovation in the Bio-Economy is also continuing to take shape. The first start-ups wishing to establish themselves here have already expressed an interest, which means that the Innolab is already half-full. “The R&D branch of Avebe and the community at the Campus are already working together. The first spearheads that can be tackled jointly have already been defined and firmed up. The Innolab Biobased Economy is the ideal landing place for these partnership projects. And we’re also there for new companies that focus on this theme,’ says Marnix Pool, Managing Director of the Innolab Biobased Economy.

Source: BAM Bouw en Techniek

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