New rail shuttle launched by Avebe and Graaco

24 Nov 2015
Avebe and logistics service provider Graaco launch a new rail shuttle. A train carrying 42 containers travels between Karstädt (former East Germany) and Coevorden twice a week during the potato campaign period.

The cargo consists of potato starch produced at Avebe’s factories in Dallmin and Lüchow. This shuttle service between Karstädt and Coevorden saves 1000 lorry journeys, accounting for 320 tons of CO2 a year. 10,000 trees would have to grow each year for this quantity.

Shown in the photo is the new shuttle being launched by Edwin de Jonge (left), Avebe’s Director of Supply Chain Management and Ben Blog, Graaco’s Managing Director.

The rail connection is being operated by Eisenbahn Gesellschaft Potsdamm mbH (EGP) and Bentheimer Eisenbahn AG (BE). EGP is responsible for the route between Karstädt and Bentheim and BE provides the link between Bentheim and Coevorden. BE is the only foreign rail company that operates its own railway line on Dutch territory.

Edwin de Jonge, Avebe’s Director of Supply Chain Management, is enthusiastic: “Avebe has stated in its sustainability targets that CO2 emissions must be reduced by 25% in 2018. Measures are being taken in the production process and the logistics area to meet this target. Avebe thus transports its products as sustainably as possible. Trains and ships are used instead of trucks for large distances. In recent years this is how Avebe has already structurally saved over a million kilometres.”

Ben Blog, Graaco’s Managing Director, is delighted with this new concept that reinforces the partnership between Avebe and Graaco. ‘The launch of this new shuttle once again shows that rail connections from and to Coevorden are extremely cost-effective and sustainable. The shuttle replaces 1,000 lorry journeys between (East) Germany and the Netherlands and thus contributes to a cleaner environment.”

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