Solanic potato protein in Vegafit meat substitutes

19 Apr 2018
Our Solanic potato protein is used by the Bobeldijk Food Group in its Vegafit meat substitutes.

Our potato protein has recently replaced the chicken egg protein in these products, which now makes the meat substitutes 100% plant-based!

Under the Keten van Eten (‘food chain’) project of the Province of Overijssel, a short film has been made about Bobeldijk Food group and its innovative Vegafit product line.

Click here to watch the film! (In Dutch.)


About Bobeldijk Food Group

Bobeldijk Food Group is established in Deventer and produces free and deep frozen meat and vegetarian products. The company supplies supermarket chains, wholesalers and catering wholesale companies in the Netherlands. The Vegafit brand is also supplied to supermarkets in surrounding countries.

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