Start of potato harvest campaign

16 Aug 2016

Monday 15 August marks the start of the potato harvest campaign at our production location in Gasselternijveen. As well as the potato starch, this location is also used to extract high quality protein from the potato for food applications. The other potato starch facilities in Ter Apelkanaal and the German Lüchow and Dallmin will follow a week later.

The campaign is starting in line with previous years. In view of how the growing season started, this exceeds expectations. Excessive rainfall in the early spring caused difficulties with sowing the potatoes. Although it was possible to sow the first potatoes at the end of March, it took until May before the last potatoes were sown. For this reason there have been big differences in the crops since the very beginning. However, the growing conditions have been good since the end of May/beginning of June, which went some way to compensating for the backlog at the beginning of the season.

Initial harvest measurements show a starch percentage that is in line with the long-term average. It is however too soon for a harvest forecast: the months of August and September largely determine the ultimate yield. The decisive factors here are favourable weather conditions and a healthy crop that is provided with sufficient fertilisers.


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