What you eat impacts climate and well-being!

08 Aug 2016

Did you ever wonder how personal eating habits relate to climate change? You should because with a growing world population (expected a total of 9.7 billion people in 2050) the protein intake from plant sources should increase dramatically to be able to feed all these new inhabitants.

Does this mean we should all become vegetarians or vegans? For sure not! But to meet the future restrictions on land and water use we will have to move to a more balanced diet regarding the ratio between plant and animal protein. Keep in mind that it requires 6 kg plant protein to feed life stock to produce 1 kg of animal protein…*).

According to SIWI the animal protein part of our diet will have to decrease from 20% (in 2012) to 5% (in 2050**). Therefore the way forward is moving towards a more flexitarian diet (part-time vegetarian).

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