White paper: How to turn 100% milk into 100% fresh cheese or strained yoghurt

23 May 2016
Etenia™ makes it possible to improve your yield up to 400% while preventing acid whey from being produced. It gives the product the texture of a typical fresh cheese or strained yoghurt without the need for whey separation.

There are many varieties of fresh cheese and strained yoghurt such as cream cheese, quark, fromage blanc, fresh goat cheese, labne etc. Traditionally, many different types of fresh cheese and strained yoghurt are produced by concentrating the fermented milk, leading to only 25 percent final product and more importantly, 75 percent acid whey. Generally, the by-product acid whey cannot be utilized efficiently and is an environmental issue. The majority of it ends up as fertilizer or as part of animal feed.

While Etenia™ can be used as creaminess enhancer in many dairy products, its true potential is unlocked when used as “whey binder”. Why? Because if we use Etenia™ to create a typical fresh cheese or strained yoghurt texture, we get 4 times more final product from the same amount of milk! This is a major advantage for our customers: the full intrinsic value of milk is utilized and acid whey is not produced anymore.

Download our White paper More value for milk to discover the true potential of Etenia™

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