Nutritional value of potato protein

With Solanic® potato proteins you will find a solution that will fit your free form allergens formulation. These potato proteins are high-quality protein isolates derived from potatoes that contain excellent nutritional value.

Thanks to a well balanced amino acid composition, Solanic® potato proteins have a high biological value, higher than offered by any other vegetable protein and close to whey and egg protein. They fit a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle, which is important for consumers’ purchase decisions, and add sustainability to daily protein needs. Avebe developed different types of Solanic® potato proteins. Below, two types will be clarified.

Solanic® – No.1 Plant Protein for Nutrition

With Solanic®100, Avebe presents new protein fortification possibilities from potato. This is a 100% plant protein that combines excellent protein quality with efficient fortification that fits perfectly into a more sustainable lifestyle. Solanic®100 has a complete and balanced amino acid composition with the highest level of essential amino acids among other plant proteins, resulting in a PDCAAS of 104%. The protein is unique for combining ‘free from’ protein fortification with a complete and balanced amino acid composition in your end-application.

DIAAS: measuring protein quality

The Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations recommends a new method of measuring protein quality to replace the PDCAAS: Digestible Indispensable Amino Acid Score (DIAAS). The following DIAAS values are recommended by FAO experts to distinguish between claims: excellent protein quality (>100%); good protein quality (75 – 99%); and no claim allowed on protein quality (<75%).

Solanic®100 has a DIAAS value of 102% and can claim excellent protein quality. In example, to benchmark with other plant proteins, pea has a DIAAS value of 64%.

Solanic®100 is presently in the product development phase. Pilot scale samples are available for trial purposes only.

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