If you aim at making high demanding paper applications in a sustainable way, Avebe is the partner to realize your goal. Our potato starch based products have a high quality and purity, therefore we can offer unique solutions that allow paper innovation as well as process improvement.

Various paper applications

From food contact paper applications to purely industrial green solutions, we develop innovative concepts and products based on in-depth knowledge of consumer and industry trends and long-term relations with our customers. Health & Safety, Performance & Efficiency and Sustainability for both paper manufacturing and paper converting processes as well as end-usage are the main drivers for Avebe paper innovation.

About our paper starch products

Our goal is to improve the paper making process, focusing on product quality, cost reduction and environmental issues. Avebe is the world’s leading source of innovative starch technology. We even develop new potato plant varieties with favourable features that we use to make products with less impact on the environment or a better process output.

Our product offering comprises a full range of bio-polymers obtained from non-GMO food grade potato starch. Innovation by nature is our motto. With our worldwide network of sales representatives we are able to meet your specific needs.

One-stop shopping

Avebe does far more than just delivering starch. We optimize paper production by combining high quality ingredients broad expertise and knowledge on using starch in different paper applications. We also provide logistic solutions.

Innovation by nature
Avebe is developing

And has been for almost 100 years.
Not always to become more or bigger,
but always to be better.

This ambition deserves a new visual identity.

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