Solanic® for clean label plant-based meat

Our potato protein Solanic® is unique in its kind providing excellent texturising functionality, like gelation and emulsification. Looking to replace animal proteins or E-number additives like methylcellulose? Develop with Solanic® the perfect plant-based more natural product with the right binding and bite.

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Ideal vegan binder

Create real meat-like structure and texture in whole-muscle plant-based chicken and beef strips with Solanic® . Unique gelation upon heating, excellent binding and cohesion and easy to use. Free from allergen labelling and clean label.

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Clean label binder for plant-based meat

Create great tasting burgers with original-like texture with Solanic®. The first choice for your plant-based, clean label burger ensuring great texture, easily replacing egg white and methylcellulose whilst easy to process in existing equipment.

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Plant-based and full in taste

Develop plant-based chicken nuggets, taking out the meat, egg white and methylcellulose whilst creating the same binding, cohesion and firmness with Solanic®. 

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Take out the meat not the texture

Create plant-based, clean label hotdogs or frankfurter sausage with Solanic®Ensure original-like texture, free from allergen labelling and easy to process in existing equipment by using our product.

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Solanic®200 emulsification and gelation properties
Don’t just make great food. Make food Good.

The idea that food can be ‘good’ – creating a plant-based, clean label product with an original-like taste & texture – and still be profitable, scalable and marketable. We’re here to support you!

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