Recognize true milk value in fresh cheese

Unleash the full potential of your valuable milk: reinvent fresh cheese using all of your milk. No acid whey, no compromise.

More fresh cheese

In a typical fresh cheese process, only 25% of milk is utilized and results in fresh cheese. As a result, 75% of milk turns into acid whey. Avebe allows you to be more cost-effective and deliver more output by maximizing the yield and converting 100% of milk into 100% of fresh cheese!

Whey separation

Etenia™ is the solution to fully utilize the milk resulting in 100% yield (vs. 25-50% yield currently). With Etenia™, whey separation is no longer needed. Hence, there is no need for a whey separator.


The benefits are:

  • Cutting down on recipe costs by 15-30% thanks to an increase in production yield up to 300%.
  • Enabling significant raw material savings – up to US$ 5.000.000 based on 10.000 ton of final product.
  • No food additives needed to counter syneresis.
  • Milk usage reduced up to 60%.
  • E-number free declaration.
  • No compromise on taste and texture.
  • No acid whey generation.

This solution is applicable to a wide variety of fresh cheeses, such as cream cheese, fresh cheese, quark as well as in strained (traditional Greek-style) yoghurts.

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