Solanic®100 - No.1 Plant Protein for Nutrition

To us, the potato is a source of possibilities. We extract high-value food ingredients from potatoes including our Solanic®100 potato protein. This is a 100% plant protein that combines excellent protein quality with efficient fortification that fits perfectly into a more sustainable lifestyle. Solanic®100 has a complete and balanced amino acid composition with the highest level of essential amino acids among other plant proteins, resulting in an excellent protein quality score (PDCAAS = 1; DIAAS>1). The protein is unique for combining ‘free from’ protein fortification with a complete and balanced amino acid composition in your end-application.

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About the product

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About Avebe

Avebe is the No. 1 Potato starch and potato protein company in the world. Founded in 1919, the cooperative is farmer owned by 2,500 growers of starch potatoes in the Netherlands and Germany. We process potatoes into top notch ingredients based on potato starch, protein and fibres for the food industry. Looking for texture improvement or more advanced fat or gelatin replacement? We offer a Non-GMO, plant based alternative! Avebe works continuously on developing new opportunities and applications and is focused on sustainable continuity.

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