Bring excellent workability to your dry mortar formulations

Whether they are used to enhance thickening, water retention, binding or stability, all of our products share one important feature: they bring excellent workability to your formulations.


Make the job easy with our thickeners that help to ease the application of dry mortars: Casucol™ and Opagel. They facilitate mixing with water, the application, and the various smoothening stages. Casucol and Opagel reduce trowel stickiness and increase paste adhesion to the substrate. They give non-sag and anti-slip properties to plasters, fillers, and tile adhesives. As they can be used to replace more expensive building ingredients, with low dosages being sufficient to obtain the required thickening effect, Casucol and Opagel are extremely cost-effective. As there are many types of gypsum and cement, Avebe offers a wide range of thickening products geared to optimize the performance of your formulations. Various grades are available, for both manual and machine applications.

Water retention

Addilose is a special water-retention aid that improves workability. In addition to improved water retention, formulations based on Addilose are characterized by low stickiness and good smoothening.


Do you need high strength thin layers? Prevent segregation by using Colle: a unique binder and retarding agent for gypsum based systems. It increases internal strength and enhances durability. Colle creates strong surfaces in finishing plasters and joint fillers. It enhances the water resistance of plasters and improves smoothness and gloss.


Improve the stability of highly fluid self-compacting concrete and floor screeds by using Foxcrete. It is robust and easy to apply. Foxcrete prevents segregation of the coarse aggregates without affecting plastic viscosity and flow. It prevents bleeding and improves the pumpability of lightweight concrete. Concrete placement costs can be significantly reduced by applying self-levelling formulations containing Foxcrete.

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