Synthetic Polymer Replacement

Reduce the use of Polyvinyl alcohol with a synthetic polymer replacement in warp yarn sizing recipes.

Potato starch and warp yarn sizing

Our Synthetic Polymer Replacement (SPR) range combines the natural advantages of starch with the benefits of synthetic sizing agents. The Quicksolan SPR and Avetex SPR series, based on amylopectin potato starch- waxy potato starch-, represents the pinnacle in starch sizing development, allowing partial or even complete replacement of synthetic polymers, such as polyvinyl alcohol –PVA- and polyacrylates, in the sizing recipe.

Combine and select

SPR sizing agents are available in several viscosity levels which allow easy combination with other sizing products and effective sizing of all yarn counts from coarse denim to fine shirting. Our specialists are ready to help you to select the right products.

Read along for the key benefits and main applications of Synthetic Polymer Replacement.

Key benefits of sizing recipes using Quicksolan SPR and Avetex SPR -range:

  • Yarns with higher abrasion resistance
  • Yarns with greater flexibility
  • Superb weaving performance
  • Reduced yarn breaks
  • Improved fabric quality
  • Minimised dust formation
  • Environmental benefits
  • Reduced costs

Main applications of SPR

To achieve superb sizing results, SPR is applied best to

  • Various yarn types to be woven on high speed machines such as pure cotton, viscose and various yarn blends (either dyed or grey yarn).
  • Various qualities of yarn such as air spun, open end, ring spun and compact yarns.
  • The entire range of spun staple yarn from fine to coarse demin qualities.
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