Texture improvement for air dried noodles

During the manufacture of air dried noodles, the frying step is replaced with an air-drying process. As a result, the end product contains significantly lower amounts of fat - a healthy feature of air-dried noodles that is helping it to regain its market acceptance.

Potato starch for texturizing air dried noodles

Air-dried noodles have distinctive texture properties. In order to achieve these textural properties, the manufacturing process requires the addition of starch with a low gelatinisation temperature and high cohesion after gelatinised. Next to native potato starch, various solutions are available to suit different requirements in instant noodle formulation, for example Avebe NS 450, Perfectamyl™ AC and Eliane™ 100. Eliane™ 100 provides instant air dried noodles with excellent textures after only short preparation times. Recommended usage of these starches is 10-20% to wheat flour weight.


These starches give benefits such as:

  • Short preparation time
  • Enhanced noodle elasticity
  • Smooth mouthfeel
  • Shiny surface with translucent appearance
  • Improved dough handling
  • Increased steaming efficiency
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