Vegan meat analogues

More and more consumers are concerned about the global impact of the rapidly increasing meat consumption. Sustainability, animal welfare and health have become important drivers determining the choice of consumers for or against meat. This leads to a growing market for meat- and fish analogues, which are ‘free from’ allergen labeling and animal-friendly.

The number of vegetarians and vegan consumers is growing, and major growth is also coming from so-called ‘flexitarians’, environment- and health-aware consumers who decide to eat less meat and replace it by vegetable alternatives.

Solanic® potato protein as ‘vegan’ solution

Solanic® potato proteins help to develop good-quality meat-free analogues: it contributes to a pleasant mouthfeel and good texture. Potato protein delivers the complete vegan solution by replacing animal ingredients such as egg albumen.

Key applications

Potato proteins provide all the required texturising functionality, like gelation and emulsification for manufacturers seeking alternatives to animal proteins or E-number additives like HPMC:

  • In burgers and nuggets Solanic®200 replaces egg albumen, to give the right binding and bite.
  • In vegan ‘sausages’ Solanic®300 is able to give a stable emulsion and a good elastic texture, in combination with the right starch and/or hydrocolloids.
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