Waterbinding in meat

Water binding in meat is an essential part of meat preparation. Eliane™ is our ‘waxy potato’ starch containing a high amount of amylopectin, which allows preparation of meat with unique functionality, textures and expansion characteristics. As a meat blender or end user production company you are probably looking for water binding substitutes. Eliane™ is our environmentally friendly soya or corn starch substitute which retains the quality of your product.

How does Eliane™ work for meat preparation?

Consumers want high quality, safe, succulent and well-textured meat. Manufacturers want to control water binding, purge, stability and sliceability. Eliane™ meets both consumer and manufacturer demands. The potato that we developed in-house is a special breed which is highly suitable for water binding. Depending on your product we adapt the Eliane™ formula for the best result. Especially formed meat is in great need of water binding. With Eliane™ we make sure that drip loss will be prevented.

Cost effective corn starch substitute

Potato starch is a cost effective product compared to substitutes like corn starch and soya. Because we culture our own potato breeds, we can save on supply chain costs. 

Eliane™ can be processed in a range of meat products like, formed meat, (dry) sausages and pâté, but also in soups, sauces and snacks.

Quality guarantee and clean label

The potato breed we developed for Eliane™ is not genetically modified, but originates from the classical way of natural breeding. We culture our own potato breeds and therefore are in control of all characteristics of the end product: clean label potato starch. As a lot of factors are important to produce the required quality, our meat experts are more than willing to assist in formulating the right way.

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