AVEBE ELIANE starch in snacks


ELIANE™ is truly an innovation by nature

ELIANE™ is a 'waxy potato' starch containing more than 95% amylopectin which allows preparation of foods with unique functionality, textures, expansion characteristics and cost saving opportunities.

It is the world's first amylopectin potato starch obtained through traditional well accepted breeding techniques.


ELIANE™ combines the superior functionality that potato starch is renown for with a unique twist - a short, shiny texture. ELIANE™ allows development of applications where potato starch is not generally used.

Major benefits of ELIANE™
  • Cost saving through lower dosage
  • Process versatility
  • High consumer appeal through smooth & shiny appearance
  • Ultra high clarity
  • Unique expansion properties in texture formulation
  • Rapid cooking & low temperature food formulation through fast hydration rates
  • Clean and neutral flavour profile