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Royal Avebe is an ingredient supplier and the potato is our raw product. We produce potato starch and potato protein. To get the most out of the potato, we are always looking for innovative solutions and products.

Create great tasting plant-based and clean label food with potato!

Meat made from plants? Or delicious dairy with every desired texture and taste? We’ve got you covered!

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Create a 100% biodegradable alternative for hotmelt adhesives

Sustainability and recyclability within packaging are growing challenges for consumers and decision-makers in the packaging industry. Often it is not 100% biodegradable and compostable due to the adhesive of packaging materials. Here’s where we come into play with our Solvitose Greenmelt. This biodegradable alternative for hotmelt adhesives contributes to a 100% compostable or biodegradable paper packaging. 

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