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Royal Avebe is an ingredient supplier and the potato is our raw product. We produce potato starch and potato protein. To get the most out of the potato, we are always looking for innovative solutions and products.

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The violence going on in Ukraine is appalling and unimaginable. Our thoughts therefore go out to all Ukrainians and everyone affected by the war. Due to the current situation, we have paused delivery and sales to Russian customers since last week.

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Some see potato, we see potential. What do you see? To us, the potato is a source of possibilities with even more valuable ingredients to which value can be added. We are always working together with our customers, members and employees to create the most value from the potato.

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Can you help us get more out of the potato? At Avebe we welcome curious and passionate minds who love collaboration.

Making the future a better place to eat

For us, sustainability is key. We don’t just tell a beautiful story, we can prove it from start to finish. As a company we look for harmony between people, planet and profit. Not only for today, but also for tomorrow and in the future.

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