Potato protein

Royal Avebe is the market leader in the area of potato protein for human consumption. These proteins are marketed under the brand name Solanic. Important properties of our potato protein include its high nutritional value and excellent foaming, emulsifying and gelling properties. This is all achieved without animal proteins or allergens.

Innovation with potato protein

Solanic® high-quality potato proteins offer fantastic potential for innovation. They enable food producers to meet consumer demand for health, clean label, premium quality and convenience. Our proteins combine exceptional texture and nutritional properties with a ‘free from’ label, based on a unique process using the potato as a natural raw material.

High nutritional value

Solanic® potato proteins are extracted from potato varieties obtained without any genetic modification and are therefore pure and native. For that reason, there is no need for any allergy information on the label. Animal-friendly or vegan claims can safely be made, and the proteins are also halal and kosher and more sustainable than animal proteins. The balanced amino acid composition means that Solanic® potato proteins have a high nutritional value.

Low allergenicity

Consumers worldwide are becoming increasingly concerned about allergens. Many animal and vegetable proteins are notifiable allergens, such as those from soya, milk, egg or wheat. Proteins known for lower allergenicity, such as those from rice, maize or peas, have limitations in solubility and functionality. What makes Solanic® potato proteins so unique is the combination of high functionality, good nutritional properties and low allergenicity.

Texture improvement

Avebe isolates various protein fractions, each offering a particular functionality depending on the process (e.g. pH) and product requirements. Based on their excellent solubility, Solanic® potato proteins offer superior emulsifying, foaming and gelling properties. They have now shown themselves suitable as a replacement for high-quality animal proteins such as caseinates, whey protein isolate, gelatine, egg white and egg yolk in various confectionery products, meat and meat substitutes, dairy-free cheese, toppings and ice cream and egg-free dressings. Excellent gluten-free bakery products are also available.

The main advantages of potato protein:

  • Plant-based
  • High functionality
  • Good nutritional properties
  • Low allergenicity