Soupsand sauces

A tasty soup that manufacturers can easily develop—and consumers can quickly enjoy— relies on texture, functionality, and quality. Avebe leads the way in providing improved value and functionality for powdered mixes, liquid soups, and sauces, thanks to the unique qualities of potato starch.

Instant soup and sauces

Creating a good dry mix means that, when stirring in water, it easily disperses. Avebe offers a clean label solution, using potato starches, that avoids unpleasant clumping for soups and sauces. Provide a dry mix or powdered option for your consumers that is straightforward and delicious in taste and feel.

Canned soup

Canned soups are convenient and non-perishable, making them a staple in nearly any household pantry. Avebe’s potato starches can handle manufacturing challenges, such as UHT, ensuring a long shelf life and high functionality. Allow your consumers to enjoy a variety of delicious bowls of soup, safely and conveniently.

Table sauces and dressings

Eggs are expensive, are labeled as allergens, and are often the only animal ingredient used. With Solanic® or Eliane™, promote a vegan salad dressing, mayonnaise, or sauce. Use Avebe’s ingredients to replace or reduce other emulsifiers and provide that desired delicious creamy texture.

Save costs and expand your consumer base with a ‘free from’ allergens label, and offer egg-free meat and pasta sauces like béarnaise or carbonara, with Solanic®. Avebe’s potato protein yields stable emulsions, with a smooth mouth feel and great heat stability. It’s effective in a wide oil range and works in both cold and hot high-shear processing.