Starch ethers for building applications: proven performance, ultimate satisfaction

Avebe’s high-performance additives for cementious dry mortar, dry-mix gypsum, and ready-to-use products.

CasuCOL® a product performance booster

From cement and gypsum dry mortar to tile adhesive, Avebe starch ethers brand named CasuCOL® are your value-additive for construction materials. A small proportion blended into your products boosts performance across multiple criteria: viscosity, smoothness, consistency, adhesion and more.

For your customers – the tiler or plasterer who wants the best product for the job – it means longer open times, provide slip and sag resistance, improved workability, fewer reworks, and shorter completion schedules. Which adds up to project success, profit growth, and lifelong customers.

Let’s see what Avebe’s starch ethers bring to your products.

Cementious dry mortar additives

Cement is the most used construction material within a range of applications. A key part of standard dry mortar is cellulose ether. Avebe’s starch ether additives in combination with cellulose ether take those existing benefits – and add further functionality.

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Dry-mix gypsum additives

The benefits of starch ethers aren’t limited to cementious dry mortar. They work with other additives like cellulose to make even greater gains: workability, plasticity, and other rheological properties. All of which make them an ideal additive to other construction compounds, including dry-mix gypsum.

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Additives for ready-to-use

Ready-to-use plasters are gaining popularity especially in the DIY-market as they provide an easy solution for everyone to handle. Ready- to-use plasters remove the complexity of mixing the powder formulations with water. For the manufacturer of the formulation, it ensures that the product is used as intended and performs at its best without any intervention by the applicator.

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Avebe specialises in the development and production of high performance starch additives. Our products feature excellent rheology modification and thickening, ensuring improved performance and optimum workability for your building industry products.

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