potato based, versatile and allergen-free. Casein replacement whilst restaining fantastic textures in the range from elastic to short and soft to hard.

Benefits of Perfectamyl

This innovative starch Perfectamyl™ has unique characteristics:

    • Unique texture characteristics in terms of firmness, slice ability, shredding and melting properties
    • Casein replacement
    • Easy to flavour (in cheese e.g. cheddar, edam, gouda and mozzarella)
    • High viscosity
    • Low gelatinization temperature
    • Clear appearance
    • Neutral taste


Advantages in (plant-based) cheese

Although processed and imitation cheese do not naturally receive the appreciation it deserves: it has certain technical advantages over traditional cheese including longer shelf life, decreased tendency to separate upon cooking or melting and a uniform look and physical behavior. Next to these advantages it offers considerable cost saving opportunities. Avebe offers potato starch based solutions that help our customers to fulfill their needs and requirements.

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Value improvement for confectionery

Consumers’ choice and preferences continue to guide the gums and jellies market segment where the demands for cost reduction and low sugar formulations are the key drivers. Gums and jellies belong to the group of soft boiled products, which are produced by cooking and then moulding. In compressed tablets, starch is mainly used as a binder and sometimes as disintegrating ingredient. Avebe developed a range of special starches and potato proteins for these applications. Our main product for these applications is Perfectamyl™

Convenience in instant noodles

Instant noodles as convenience food should have a rapid preparation by boiling or just by hot water in a few minutes. Consumers also demand higher eating quality such as an elastic texture, smooth mouthfeel, and attractive appearance. Avebe specifically developed starches to meet these requirements, resulting in high added value for the noodle products

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Perfectamyl™ a potato starch based solution that helps to fulfill a wide range of functionalities within different types of applications

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