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The starch potato might seem ordinary, but to us it’s a plant-based source of endless potential. From the potato we extract starch, protein and other ingredients. From field to lab to factory, these ingredients provide incredible value to our members, customers, employees and society. Thanks to the potato, we deliver more sustainable and healthier solutions with less environmental impact and give rise to a future of sustainable cultivation.

Innovation by Nature

Royal Avebe

We make a range of innovative ingredients created from potatoes we grow ourselves. That empowers our customers to create unique and compelling new products.

By leading scientific investigations into the (nutritional) benefits of our crops, we unlock value for our members, employees, customers and consumers, helping design the future of food.

The potato is earth’s most versatile crop and positively affects the lives of over half a billion people. We will always strive to expand the potential of the potato for the benefit of the planet.

100 years

In 2019, Avebe received the honorary Royal Warrant of the Netherlands, an accomplishment we display with pride. Besides sprucing up our logo, our King bestowing this title reveals that Avebe is a leader in its field, provides national value, and has successfully existed for over 100 years.

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